NAMASTEEP: Building Community One Class + One Cup At A Time

A quick glance at the news or a swipe through your Facebook feed could easily lead one to be discouraged by the current state of affairs in our country and communities. Every day it seems to be a new school shooting, political division at an all time high, a verbal war breaking out in the comment section, we’ve all seen and felt the tension. We’ve all witnessed the proverbial walls being built between different races, different classes, different political parties, different religious groups etc. But in a little town on the outskirts of Atlanta, Stone Mountain Village, there’s some really sweet things happening.




NAMASTEEP is a quarterly event hosted by The Local Gem and Coze Tea Studio. Participants enjoy an hour long yoga class at The Local Gem and then head over to Coze for some of the best tea and scones (and did we mention that the tea is local?). Outside of this being a really fun event and a fabulous start to your weekend, there’s something much deeper that’s happening at each event we’ve done thus far. As I sat back, enjoying my cup of Serenitea, I looked out across the tea studio. That’s when it hit me, here was a bunch of people who were strangers just an hour before that now were all sitting at tables together, laughing and sharing stories while drinking incredible tea, relaxed and softened by their yoga practice and building community…or should I say communitea?




Beautiful things happen when we come together as business owners, as members of the community, as experienced yogis and complete newbies, as tea connoisseurs and “I usually drink coffee” types, as men and women, as black and white, as young and old, as humans. NAMASTEEP is a super fun way to spend your Saturday morning, but it’s so much more than that. It’s creating space for raw and real connection to take place. It’s building community one yoga class and one cup of tea at a time. It’s reminding us that we’re all in this together, and we can and we will come together despite our differences.

If you want to be a part of our next NAMASTEEP event, follow us on social media @thelocalgemsmv and @cozeteastudio for details on our summer event.



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