Sustainable Spring: OOTD

This pair of Chucks is easily the oldest thing in my wardrobe. I’ll never forget my eighth grade year convincing my mom I needed a pair of low cut converse shoes and voila! We found this quirky lavender pair with a bright orange interior and double tongues in the shoes so you could have a purple tongue or orange tongue sticking out of your shoe. At first, I wanted a black pair like all the other kids had at the time but over the years, I have grown to love my odd ball colored converse shoes. I’ve easily had them for over ten years and only within the past month did the soles of the shoes finally crack (insert major sad face). Anyways, the moral of this story is not to be a borderline hoarder like I can sometimes be but instead to invest in quality pieces that can last you years to come. This is one of the easiest ways to be a sustainable shopper: wear your stuff until it wears out!

So I’ve started approaching shopping with this mindset. Before I buy anything, I ask myself if it’s something I could see myself wearing until the garment wears out. Is it something I want just because it’s trendy right now or is it something that I can love for years to come because it fully embodies my personal style? This doesn’t mean you have a boring wardrobe full of basics with no statement pieces or funky flair. It does however make you really think about what your personal style is and how this new garment will fit within that. No room for mediocre in our closet my friends – only room for the stuff we truly love and feel comfortable in! So please, stop buying stuff just because it’s on sale or you don’t have time to look for something else. Only buy stuff you love.




Outfit details: Yellow Tunic – Goodwill // Jeans – Walmart from a few years back cut off to make capris // Glasses – Claire’s (another find from middle school – no judgment please okay?) // And the infamous converse shoes from the eighth grade.

On a more sentimental note, these shoes represent my own style journey. From being a kid who wanted to wear whatever everyone else was wearing to now being a whole lot more comfortable in my own skin (and shoes), I’m finally confident enough to rock my old lavender shoes. So in case you needed permission, you do you girl. Don’t feel like you have to wear whatever everyone else is wearing. Find your personal style, rock it and own it. And FYI, this doesn’t just apply to your closet. Becoming okay with not doing what everyone else was doing was one of the best things I ever did. Become okay with being different, quirky, weird, whatever you wanna call it. I see you odd ball and I love ya!



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