My Sustainable Spring Wardrobe Part One


Spring is in the air and as promised, I’m updating you all on how I’ve been building my sustainable spring wardrobe. I’m a huge fan of The Curated Closet book by Anuschka Reese and pull it out every year to use as a road map for setting my style goals and continuing to refine my personal style. Personal Style, like any other art form, improves with practice. I definitely feel like the deeper I get into my twenties the more and more clear it becomes what I do and don’t like and the more I know exactly what message I want my closet to portray. If your interested in developing your personal style more, this book is a great place to start or you can of course schedule a style consult with me as this is something I’ve been helping clients do for years 🙂


But for the sake of time, we are keeping todays post about sustainable spring styles. I made a promise to myself as I started this process that all the pieces I bought for my spring wardrobe would either be second hand or I would make them myself. Atlanta folks: These are the places I’ve been hitting up for my spring pieces

  • Kudzu Antiques
  • Second life Avondale Estates
  • The Local Goodwill
  • ThredUP
  • And of course my own store, The Local Gem

Whenever I travel, even if it’s just for a day trip I love checking out the local thrift shops in other towns. I typically like to shop at ones that are not chain thrift stores (like goodwill even though I do sometimes shop there) but I try to find the hole in the wall/independently owned ones just because they seem to have more adventurous finds. I’m also unloading some of my accessories and picking up some new ones at the Accessories Swap I’m hosting next weekend. If your interested in coming you can find more details here or if your feeling brave you might even get some of your friends together to host your own! This is a great, economical way to upgrade your accessories without purchasing new ones. This same concept can of course apply to clothes as well.

This spring, I’m trying to brush up on my rather rusty sewing skills so am starting to take sewing classes (will post more info on this in next post). Sew Liberated is where I’m getting most of my sewing Inspiration at the moment. I’m building my spring wardrobe with secondhand finds, sewing my own creations and of course shopping a few of my favorite local brands. Heart Mercedes has some beautiful + funky jewelry pieces that have made my wish list and Rochelle Porter Designs has some beautiful skirts that are going to be available in April (Insert extremely excited squeal here). Both of these brands are owned by some local bad a** ladies and I’m excited to support them while growing my sustainable spring wardrobe. You can also find sustainable pieces for your wardrobe at The Local Gem on our curated thrift rack or our eco friendly rack.


Outfit Details: Lemon button down – Second Life Thrift // Blue wide leg trousers – The Local Gem // Wedges – Goodwill // Clutch – A friends yard sale.

And there you have it! A completely sustainable + stylish spring outfit! Staying completely chic and sustainable is totally doable and affordable, I promise 😉 Share your favorite tips for sustainable style in the comments below.

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