The Local Gem: Growth and Changes in 2019


To all of our fans, followers, customers and friends we are excited to update you on what’s in the works for The Local Gem for the year ahead. We have been open nearly three months now and it’s been a fantastic learning experience and a sweet time of getting to know more and more members of the community. We have listened to feedback from our customers and definitely want to continue to welcome feedback from you as The Local Gem continues to evolve over the coming months.

We heard you guys wanted more yoga classes, so we have added on more weekly classes and even a new teacher! We are thrilled to welcome Clemence to our team of teachers as she will be leading the weekly Kundalini yoga class. You can see a full listing of our classes here.  We also are offering private yoga sessions now. These are great for students who have injuries or a specific ailment that could be helped by a personalized and hands on yoga practice. If your interested in finding out more about yoga, please feel free to reach out via the contact page or swing by The Local Gem during business hours.

We also heard you guys love the second hand rack. One of our goals is to make style sustainable so I love that this rack is an easy way to do just that. Moving forward, we also will be offering yoga clothes (another popular request) that are sustainable. Lastly, you can expect to find more natural body care and beauty, crystals, books and products that help support a yogic lifestyle.

The Local Gem is still accepting applications for makers who would like to rent shelf space. We are looking for artists/makers whose products would fit within the categories of natural living, sustainable style or any other mindfulness/yoga related product. If you or someone you know if looking for an opportunity to present your goods in a brick and mortar space, please reach out via the contact page. We want to continue to fill our shelves with awesome local makers!

Please note that The Local Gem will be closing early on Wednesdays at 5 pm until the spring. We are super excited to have been accepted into the Startme Small Business Accelerator program so will be participating in that on Wednesday evenings.

I want to end this little update by expressing my utmost gratitude for all the people who have shopped with us thus far and attended yoga classes. You are what makes The Local Gem a vibrant space to be in and I have loved getting to know each and every one of our customers and students. Here’s to a fabulous 2019!! Hope to see you in the studio soon.


Lizzy Jackson

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