Week Two: Courage

Hello and Welcome to week two of our yoga challenge! Last week we focused on the theme of surrender as we let go of anything that kept us from feeling whole. This week we are shifting our focus to the word courage. It takes courage to let go of old ways of living and to embrace new ones. It takes courage to say yes and courage to say no. It takes courage to actively pursue the life your intended to live. It takes courage to accept all the parts of yourself, even those you don’t like. It takes courage to say “I am not perfect but I am still worthy, lovable, enough and whole just as I am.” Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you and to show strength in the face of pain or hardship. So how does this translate to our yoga practice on the mat?

For those of you who walked through the Chakra series with me last year, we are returning back to the core this week (Yay for core work, right?). Our stomach is the center of our body, the part with which we feel anxiety and the place we harness courage. You know how you get that sick feeling in your gut when your really anxious about something or dreading something? We are going to learn how to use our stomach to build strength and in turn, build courage. We are going to use our physical practice to strengthen and grow our ability to withstand.

You might take some time to grab a pen and paper and journal out the answer to some or all of the following questions to explore the theme of courage a little deeper.

  • What would it look like if you lived by courage instead of fear? How would your life be different?
  • Complete the following sentences “Everyday, I am afraid of…” and “Everyday, I show courage by…”
  • When have you not stayed true to yourself because you lacked the courage to be different? Have you been pretending in any areas of your life because you fear rejection?
  • What is one area of your life you can show courage in this week? What is one fear that you can face head on?

So whether your following along with this challenge from home or with us in the studio, I hope you’ll find this exploration of courage inspiring and motivating. Can’t wait to see you on the mat!


Lizzy Jackson

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