Week One: Surrender

Hello and Welcome to week one of the January Yoga Challenge! Our theme for the month is centered around the mantra of “I AM WHOLE”. Week by week, we will unpack what exactly this means and explore what is holding us back from living out our full potential. In order to fully embrace this sense of wholeness, we must first start with the journey of surrender.


Throughout our lives we collect injuries, traumas, pain, broken relationships, abuse, and a myriad of negative experiences that can leave us feeling broken and ‘less than’. These burdens, so to speak, can leave us feeling empty and like we need something external to distract away from our own internal discomfort. It can be so easy to just distract ourselves away from the pain with the constant chatter of media and our cultures focus on “Go! Go! Go!” but at the end of the day we feel overstimulated and unfulfilled. So let’s first begin to ask ourselves these questions : What past trauma or pain do I feel like I need distraction from? What specific belief do I hold about myself that makes me feel unworthy or broken? Are there any events that have happened in the past that I feel bitter about? You can take your time to simmer over these questions and journal as you begin to process. We can’t embrace a new and healthy lifestyle if we have not first let go of our “baggage”. Take time to let anything go that makes you feel like your not enough or whole. Releasing these things creates space for more positive emotions and experiences.

As we move through our asana practice throughout the week pay close attention to any physical areas within the body that might be holding onto trauma or tension. The jaw, the hips and the shoulders are all really common places we hold tension so checking in with those areas first is a good place to start. With each time spent on your mat, you can know that this is a safe place to examine and surrender those things that no longer serve you.

Throughout the week, check in with yourself daily to see how your doing on identifying and releasing these items that need to be let go of. Take time to surrender to the process and the bigger picture. Take time to surrender. 


Lizzy Jackson


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