I Am Whole, A January Yoga Challenge

Lizzy Yoga

As we enter into the new year with our lessons learned from the previous year and our goals for the year ahead, The Local Gem will be offering a Yoga Challenge where students can hit the pause button and return to center. Our yoga practice is a chance to return to our purpose, our truest sense of self, and to strip away all the doing and focus on being. 

We are starting off the year exploring the concept of being whole. Being whole is defined as something that is complete in and of itself. Our lives are often so full of using external vices to fill these internal voids and create a sense of joy so through our practice we are seeking to consume less external things and instead find wholeness within. We will be shutting out the noise, chaos and busyness each week to tune into our own internal landscape.

Each week, you can check the blog for a deeper exploration of our monthly theme as well as a journaling prompt. All of our classes throughout January will reflect this same theme in a unique and different way. To add a little fun (and the part that makes this a “yoga challenge”) we will be giving a prize to the student who attends the most classes throughout the month! We also will be running a promo where if you bring a new friend to yoga, you’ll get your next class free.

Feel free to help us spread the word about this yoga challenge by sharing this post and I can’t wait to see you all on the mat this month! Happy New Year!

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